Reminder: Roman Polanski raped a child

Salon’s Kate Harding on what actually happened:

Before we discuss how awesome his movies are or what the now-deceased judge did wrong at his trial, let’s take a moment to recall that according to the victim’s grand jury testimony, Roman Polanski instructed her to get into a jacuzzi naked, refused to take her home when she begged to go, began kissing her even though she said no and asked him to stop; performed cunnilingus on her as she said no and asked him to stop; put his penis in her vagina as she said no and asked him to stop; asked if he could penetrate her anally, to which she replied, “No,” then went ahead and did it anyway, until he had an orgasm.

I’m appalled that anyone would defend him or suggest the charges should be dropped because it was “so long ago”.

Seriously people, WTF?

And yes, I’m aware of the tragedies that have come his way.  That’s still not an excuse.

Reminder: Roman Polanski raped a child