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Requisite Apple Tablet Predictions

Author’s Note: I wrote this rather quickly.  Not a great excuse, I know, but I’ll still reserve the right to come back during the course of the next few days to edit / correct spelling errors and the like.  I do, after all, have a real job. Since everyone and their grandmother have something to […]

Quicksilver beta 57 released, not dead yet

Just in time for my new computer! My reliance in Quicksilver has come to a point where, if it (or Launchy, in the case of a PC) is not installed on the machine I’m using, I feel like I’m missing a limb.  Or need an extra one. Quicksilver for life. Quicksilver beta 57 released, not […]

“Lego My Apple” I’m quite happy with my current artwork, but this would come in at a close second.

How Moms Use Their iPhones

I was witness to this yesterday on the subway, when a mom gave her iPhone to her toddler to watch a movie of some sort. The times they are a changin’ indeed. How Moms Use Their iPhones